Roxana Damas is the founder and CEO of RGD Enterprises, Inc.

She has over 15 years of consulting experience on local and international levels. RGD is the parent corporation for three businesses: RD Consulting and Translations (RDCT), Diversity RD Global, and Roxana Damas Music and Productions. RD Consulting and Translations emphasizes on bridging the tech and business gap of service to Latino and underserved communities. Diversity RD Global is a consulting firm specializing in all forms of diversity work, public affairs, strategic development and corporate social responsibility projects. Lastly, Roxana Damas Music and Productions is the original business that she began by the age of 17 and has now developed into a family business catered to music, entertainment, publishing, and event productions.

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Roxana has been committed to the betterment of small businesses, non-profits, corporate social responsibility, economic empowerment, bridging the digital divide, language access, and community engagement projects.

She established RGD Enterprises, Inc. to achieve that vision. Her unique blend of training and work experience in the fields of business administration, public and international relations, immigration, public policy, human rights, social services, gender issues, educational programs, and violence prevention are assets in creating business innovation, start-ups, and uniquely designed new projects.
Roxana is also a sought after public speaker and frequent co-host of a variety of events, radio, and TV shows. Roxana had a successful season as a co-host of a financial empowerment segment on Mundo Fox & TV Estrella Northern CA. In addition, she has appeared on Buenos Dias Sacramento through Univision, Sacramento. She appears on a regular basis on La Radio 1010 and reaches over 200,000 individuals nationwide. Roxana and her team are ready to launch the Empodérate online portal project and RebeLatina Fest 2017. Both projects have a foundation in Roxana’s background in community advocacy, empowerment, and leadership and are seeking to reach the Latino and underserved communities of color to improve their economic, professional, and business development.

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Roxana’s dedication and vision are that her business and civic efforts will support individual and community transformations.

As a result of years of investing in socially responsible work, she has started the non-profit Alquimia Global to help those most in need through a non-profit humanitarian model.
Roxana holds a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Trans-Global Business from Saint Mary’s College of California and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis. For more information about Roxana’s projects and community involvement visit:

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