Andrea Lebron - General Manager of RD Consulting and Translations.

Andrea has over 10 years of business management experience in the private sector. She specializes in large food chain operation management and has a lifelong history of helping build and operate multiple family businesses. Her experience includes entertainment promotions, hiring and training staff.
Andrea has focused on providing culturally competent services to local and international business. She is part of the Senior consulting team for RGD Enterprises, Inc. where she uses all of her creative and management skills to support business growth of the RGD brand as part of her role she has taken responsibility as General Manager of RD Consulting and Translations.
Currently, she is pursuing a marketing & graphic design degree from Solano Community College to enhance the consulting service to her client base. Andrea is an entrepreneur at heart with great vision and exemplary work ethic. She likes to work to help empower others to do their best as she does on a daily basis both as a consultant, student, and mother.

Brian Peraza - Senior Consultant - RGD Enterprises Inc.

Brian is a consultant focused on working with Spanish-speaking communities and believes in the empowerment through technology for underserved communities.
His interest includes community organizing, providing culturally competent services, computer technology, and outreach.
Brian’s extensive tech and marketing experience have allowed him to help local Latino businesses grow and establish longevity in their prospective communities. Brian has academic training in Computer Science from the University of El Salvador and is continuing his studies at Diablo Valley College in music engineering. He is certified in Computer Network Technology from Diablo Valley College as well as a devoted musician to his garage punk band, Jesus and the Dinosaurs.