Roxana Damas - projects

Hi, all! Yes, many might say I do too much or perhaps that I am insane for even trying.

The fact of the matter is that I live with myself 24/7 and yes, it is exhausting, but NO, it is not in my spirit to not create. I do turn down many projects and ideas (actually more than what I can count). However, early on I was taught to have a balance of many projects growing up. From working in the family bakery since the age of 8 to attending modeling school while attending regular school, plus additional classes with a private teacher on college algebra, piano, French, German, etc… and singing in the church choir, on top of regular kid activities. But don’t forget the responsibility to translate for my family and those who didn’t speak the language, as well as deal with issues of diversity on a daily basis, joining dance groups, etc. all by the ages of 8 to 10.
How could I forget the traveling by road to my parents’ home country El Salvador from San Francisco, CA every year? (We had about 10 to 12 road trips to El Salvador).

Doing more than one thing just does not scare me, I embrace it!
This very intense lifestyle I lived early on. Set me up for my career and years to come. I understood firsthand the struggles, culture clashes, creating something from nothing, immigration, low income and financial stability, business savvy, to constant change, transition, and learning to create a path for myself and others. My parents taught me to help others every chance that I had combined with my upbringing (in the back then diverse and culturally embracing San Francisco) I owned what it meant to be accepting of multiple cultures, ideas, projects opportunities, etc… both my cultures taught me that in order to make change one must listen, embrace others, be strategic, help those in need, create solutions, speak up, but above all take ACTION!

So here I am now, for those outside this can seem hectic and unattainable, for me, it has been my entire way of life. I take care of myself and give to time to those I love, but it is this commitment to helping others and ability to create options and solutions that drives me. This is why today I can share with you the snapshot of the multiple projects I am passionate about and participate in. I want people to do the best of for their lives and their journey and pursue their goals. Regardless of fear, obstacles, and failures, I keep going in every area as an Entrepreneur, Coach/ public speaker, Advocate, Singer/ Songwriter, etc. I wish for you to tap into your personal power and do what is best for you and those you love.

Once again, I want to give that which I have learned in this world with those in need. I love the opportunity of connecting with like-minded individuals and opening the space for others to share their knowledge and strength. I use to hold back to display all these areas of my life and interest- but not anymore. It is time to share and see the results of what giving back can do for others as we open new paths. Check out all of the projects and resources and share with those who share common interest or can benefit from what is within.